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Not much difference between my interests and work. This page has links to some of the things I don't always get paid for.
  Computers and Information Systems
  Music and Mixing
  Programming & Software Engineering

COMPUTERS AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS: I have a passion for databases and data in general, I really cannot imagine working without these tools and any programmer who does not know how to use a database (intimately I mean) must be crazy. I pretty much spend 65-75% of my time on, around, or using a computer (that sounded so sad when I read that to myself)... but meh whatever. You stand a better chance catching me on IM than anywhere else.

Lots of people wonder what's the difference between Computer Science and Information Systems, etc. The easiest way I can explain it is that info sys is where computer science meets people. CS focuses on the machine, IS focuses on the people that use the machine.

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