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Not much difference between my interests and work. This page has links to some of the things I don't always get paid for.
  Computers and Information Systems
  Music and Mixing
  Programming & Software Engineering

MUSIC AND MIXING: I love beats and mixing; all kinds of music. Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop, Alternative, Classic Soul, Trance, Ambient, Rock and Roll, Go-Go. Sampled tracks... what ever I can get my hands on. I like alot of the independent stuff too. The radio music bores me. Mostly I like engineering music cause it lets me use my computer to hook up tracks.

Sometimes I really appreciate having those quiet moments; all alone, with nobody there, just my thoughts. But even then, I have beats and tracks in my head. Its like I have music playing all the time.

I have been mixing for years (lots of hip hop, trance, jazz, etc). Follow the jump if you want to hear more... JUMP

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