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Not much difference between my interests and work. This page has links to some of the things I don't always get paid for.
  Computers and Information Systems
  Music and Mixing
  Programming & Software Engineering
PROGRAMMING & SOFTWARE ENGINEERING: I spend way way too much time writing code. I can write in most languages: C/C++/C#, Java, VB, Fortran, Assembly, Pascal, PERL; most of the web languages Cold Fusion, PHP, ASP, Javascript; lots of 3GL and database languages like plSQL, tSQL, etc. Having owned a software engineering company I am familiar with all the blessing and curses of the popular programming and development methodologies such as SDLC, OOP, Agile Software development. My attitude is best tool for the job and none of these methodologies are perfect. Speaking of best tool for the job, while I love Linux and UNIX, Windows is not a such a bad thing either (using a Win machine to do this now). You can check out my blog for more on this kind of stuff (its pretty much the only thing I write about these days).

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