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Not much difference between my interests and work. This page has links to some of the things I don't always get paid for.
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MUSIC AND MIXING (Page 2): Here you can find some mixes that I did a while ago. Between work and school I have not done any mixes in a while. Back to Page 1.

HEAR The last megamix I did... Love working over those biggie tracks: StepShotYa.Mp3
HEAR This one is from 1997, slowed it way down. Guess 1997's old school now. I suppose all these mixes are old school: MoneyMethodMix.Mp3
HEAR Speaking about old school, heres an old old school hip hop mix (roxanne, run dmc, etc...): OldSchoolMix.Mp3
HEAR Talk about old... I did this mix on a 486 with 128MB RAM. Quality is shady, but I like it: GoGoDogMix.Mp3
HEAR Also on the 486, with 1 turntable. I think I had less than 128MB of memory when this was done. The quality is crap: OutstandingRemix.Mp3

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